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I Lost 50 Pounds Eating Low Carb Meals

I had no idea how popular a low carb diet is. I lost 50 pounds so far this year and when I run into people out in public – I always get the same reaction. First, they say that I look great, but that is almost always followed up by them asking me if I’m doing the low-carb diet.

low carb meals

The fact of the matter is that I am, but I’m also exercising every day. I lost my first 50 pounds within three months, however, it’s not so easy anymore. I know losing weight gets harder the closer you get your ideal weight, but I’m not losing hope.

At first, eating low carb meals was easy. However, then I got tired of eating the same thing over and over again. That’s when I realized that I had to learn more about low carb cooking and I was completely surprised how there is a large industry dedicated to helping anyone eat fewer carbs.

There are cookbooks with hundreds of low carb receipts all over the internet. There are even entire websites dedicated to low carb meals. And, YouTube is full of videos that show you how to shop and cook for the low carb eater. Essentially, if you want to live and breathe the low carb lifestyle, you can find all the information and support you want online.

I cannot help if you are concerned about the health consequences of eating fewer carbs because I have never looked into it. The way I figure it, being 80 lbs overweight is more unhealthy than any nutritional deficit I might experience by eating fewer carbs. Perhaps I should look into taking supplements. Regardless, I’m on my way to achieving a healthy weight, and I cannot imagine it being possible without a low carb diet.